Our Crew

Ivan Vidović

The energetic frontman, lead singer and guitar in the band. There are too many epithets that would not be fair to the other bands.

In his free time he is playing again, recording and enjoying music at a time when not cycling the islands, forests and other chill destinations.

Ivan Guljašević

Bass guitar and back vocal in the band. Versatile guy that likes flying on all that you can fly, or jumping over the mountains .

In his spare time he builts, installes and repaires irreparable. During the week, he deals with the logistics of the young ambitious companies. He often takes the main microphone, especially when it comes to reggae and ska jumps.

Ante Vidović

Loving father of the band. He plays guitar and books the following performances . He neatly ensures that the band does not have spare time and that nonsense does not come to their minds.

In addition to playing in the band, he deals with matters such as management and optimization of business processes.

Silvio Kranjčec

Keyboards, back vocal, accordion and soon we hope the saxophone. Valuable member of the band that covers several fronts deservedly carries the epithet " Sir "

Beside playing in the band, Mr. Silvio Kranjčec deals with the design of traffic lights. In his free time he is baking the best hoomemade chili burgers.

Mihael Vlah

He plays perky drums and other throbbing devices. Otherwise, he is the main poser made for the world's headlines. He turns every song into an even better tune thanks to his creative and sincere approach, which is characteristic of top musicians.

In his spare time he is professionally engaged in music and enjoys jazz. " Jazz is not dead "